Public Notices


Anderson Columbia, the contractor of record for the Horry Avenue Project, has advised the City of Madison that weather permitting, construction will begin on or about June 17, 2024.  The first phase of the construction will consist of upgrading the infrastructure and will begin in the southern most corridor of Horry Avenue in the vicinity of Willie-Claire Copeland Street and will proceed in a northern fashion. Once the utility upgrades have been completed, the re-paving phase will begin, again starting at the southern corridor and moving north to end up at Pinckney Street. Residents should be making travel direction plans to exit and enter their quarters, with the understanding that this project will present some challenges. As the construction project progresses, citizens should be aware that parking will become a challenge. The contractor will work during the hours of 7:00 AM through 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Depending upon any unforeseen challenges, the contractors may have to work on Saturdays.  As the project progresses, the contractors will do everything possible every day to accommodate your ability to enter and exit your property and hopefully will minimize inconveniences. The contractor will begin posting their MOT’s (Construction Directional Signage) in the coming weeks, advising that construction is in progress.  It is crucial that residents follow all directions and signage to eliminate the possibility of injury or property damage.  Residents should make plans to ensure the safe pick-up and drop-off of students that utilize the School District Bus Transportation System.  Again, this will be a test of patience and tolerance during the upcoming construction project on Horry Avenue. Door-knockers will be posted at residences to further advise residents of the construction project.  An on-site Construction Inspector will be on site daily during the construction phases. Please feel free to contact me at City Hall for any questions or concerns.  I may be reached at (850) 973-5081.

Jerome Wyche, Manager
City of Madison


During the week of May 13, 2024 through May 17, 2024, the City of Madison will be performing a major utility project at the intersection of Old County Camp Road and Armwood Avenue.  Because the project will involve the use of heavy equipment and other equipment needed to complete the project, citizens should be aware of road closures in that vicinity and to exercise care and caution as some of the depths involved with the digging will be in excess of 9-10 feet.  Citizens are also urged to keep children and other youth away from the construction site to prevent any accidents. When the construction project is complete, all activities will return to normal. Please obey the posted signage and warning notifications.  The following road closures will be in effect:

  1. County Camp Road will be blocked to all thru traffic.
  2. County Camp Road will be blocked west of Armwood Avenue. Residents living west of Armwood Avenue will have to utilize Old County Camp Road’s roadway west of Armwood Avenue to access the city.
  3. County Camp Road will be blocked east of Armwood Avenue. Residents living east of Armwood Avenue will have to utilize Byrd Avenue to access the city.
  4. Residents residing on Armwood Avenue will have to access West Farm Road to access the city.
  5. Parents should be alerted that School District School Busses will have to take an alternate route when picking up and dropping off students in that vicinity.
  6. Residents are also reminded that east County Camp Road is closed due to the overflow of water. It is unknow if the road is compromised.

Jerome Wyche, Manager
City of Madison


As of June 13, 2024 the City Commission-District 3 will be vacant. A special City Commission Meeting will be held on June 18, 2024
at 5:30 p.m. to discuss and possibly fill the vacancy. For further information, please contact Lee Anne Hall, City Clerk at (850) 973-5082.