City Commissioners

The Madison City Commission is comprised of five members elected from the five districts in the city. The commissioners serve four-year terms.

The Mayor is selected among the five commissioners. The Mayor presides at meetings and performs other duties, as the office requires, and serves a one-year term, usually rotating annually among the members.

The City Commission meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm and other dates as called by the Commission.

District 1
Rayne Cooks
Phone: 850-973-5081

District 2
Ina Thompson
Phone: 850-445-7755

District 3
Jim Catron
Phone: 850-673-8201

District 4

Terry Johnson
Phone: 850-253-5473

Mayor Pro-Tem
District 5

Judy Townsend
Phone: 850-973-6490