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Welcome to the City of the Four Freedoms

the City of Madison

Final 2023-2024 Budget
Notice of Proposed Tax Increase

The City of Madison, with a population of just over 3,000, was designated as one of the “Best Little Towns in Florida” by VISIT FLORIDA, and serves as the county seat for county government. For over 60 years, the city has served as home for North Florida Community College and as an out-campus for St. Leo University. Downtown Madison is filled with quaint gift shops, antique stores, outdoor shops and nice eateries. The downtown area is overflowing with classic 150 to nearly 200 year old homes and buildings.

In the heart of downtown Madison is Four Freedoms Park. The park is a beautifully landscaped city-block area containing a large gazebo and the Four Freedoms monument. This famous monument honors Colin P. Kelley, a former Madison County resident, recognized as the first U.S. hero of World War II and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his bravery and valor in combat.

Madison is a Military Family and Community Covenant city. The Covenant is a public affirmation and pledge to support military personnel, military families, and veterans.



“The City of the Four Freedoms”

Official 2024 Holiday Schedule

Severe Weather Notice

City Hall will be closed tomorrow January 9, 2024, due to the severe weather that will impact the City of Madison.  As of now, the 5:30 City Commission meeting is still scheduled to be held.  Sanitation pick-up, normally scheduled for Tuesday will be rescheduled for Wednesday.

Emergency Contacts:
Water – 850-869-0235
Sewer – 850-869-0221
Natural Gas – 850-869-0617


The city will begin replacing approximately 900 existing water meters throughout the City of Madison, beginning in January 2024 at no cost to the citizens. The water meter replacements will not affect everyone in the city, as a great proportion of them has already been replaced. The new water meters are Automatic Read Meters (ARM) that are designed to enhance efficiency in meter reading, tracking and detecting water leaks and accuracy in computing water usage. Ferguson Waterworks, the contracted installer, will be placing door knockers at the residences that will undergo replacement. The technological upgrades and system enhancement of the water meter replacements are funded under the State Revolving Fund (SRF) at a cost of $636,646.14. The water meter replacement project is expected to take approximately 6-8 weeks, weather permitting. The water meter replacements are only one of several infrastructure projects that the City of Madison is engaged in, in efforts to provide enhanced services to our citizens. Citizens are kindly requested to cooperate with the water meter installers and expect installers to access your property to install the new meters. The installation process is expected to take no more that 30-45 minutes per residence to install. Citizens that will be affected can expect their water to be turned off for this short period of time. When the new meters have been installed and your water is turned back on, you may have some discoloration. If this happens, please run your water until it clears up. If you have pets that are aggressive, please consider securing them until the installation is complete. If there is a need for further information, please contact City Hall at (850) 973-5081.

Jerome Wyche, City Manager
City of Madison