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Welcome to the City of the Four Freedoms

the City of Madison


The City Commission of the City of Madison, Florida announces that the Commission will hold a special meeting, to which all persons are invited to attend, as follows:

Date and Time: October 24, 2023, at 12:30 p.m.
Place: The City Commission Meeting Room

City Hall
321 SW Rutledge Street
Madison, Florida 32340

Purpose: Temporary Use Permits for FEMA Temporary Housing Units and the

Waving of Fees and Setback Requirements for Such Units

No further agenda for the above workshop will be provided.
Pursuant to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, any person requiring
special accommodations to participate in the above meeting is asked to advise the Commission at
least 48 hours before the meeting by contacting Lee Anne Hall, City Clerk, at 321 SW Rutledge
Street, Madison, Florida 32340, telephone: (850) 973-5082. If you are hearing or speech
impaired, please contact the Clerk by calling 711.
If a person decides to appeal any decision made by the Commission with respect to any
matter considered at such meeting he or she will need a record of the proceedings, and that, for
such purpose, he or she may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made,
which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.
This notice was posted on the Notices Board outside the main entrance to City Hall on
October 19, 2023.

City Commission of the
City of Madison, Florida
Lee Anne Hall
City Clerk

Final 2023-2024 Budget
Notice of Proposed Tax Increase

The City of Madison, with a population of just over 3,000, was designated as one of the “Best Little Towns in Florida” by VISIT FLORIDA, and serves as the county seat for county government. For over 60 years, the city has served as home for North Florida Community College and as an out-campus for St. Leo University. Downtown Madison is filled with quaint gift shops, antique stores, outdoor shops and nice eateries. The downtown area is overflowing with classic 150 to nearly 200 year old homes and buildings.

In the heart of downtown Madison is Four Freedoms Park. The park is a beautifully landscaped city-block area containing a large gazebo and the Four Freedoms monument. This famous monument honors Colin P. Kelley, a former Madison County resident, recognized as the first U.S. hero of World War II and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his bravery and valor in combat.

Madison is a Military Family and Community Covenant city. The Covenant is a public affirmation and pledge to support military personnel, military families, and veterans.



“The City of the Four Freedoms”

  1. Citizens that suffered major damages to their homes from Hurricane Idalia, may be eligible for assistance from FEMA.  If you have not registered for assistance, please do so.  Everything begins with registration. Although citizens may have adequate insurance to address their needs for repair and replacement, FEMA may still be able to assist you. If you have registered and have had contact with FEMA, and received a letter of denial, you have the right to appeal their decision.  Having been denied assistance may attributed to missing information or the need for clarification in your request.
  2. Citizens/families that have been displaced because of damages to your homes may be eligible for temporary or long-term housing benefits until your home has been repaired.  Again, in order to access these benefits, you must first register with FEMA.
  3. If you have a need for assistance in interpreting any of your FEMA correspondence, you may receive assistance by calling the Disaster Legal Assistance Service at 1-888-382-3406.  This is a service that is also provided by FEMA.

Debris Pick-up – The Department of Transportation has been detailed by the State to remove the hurricane debris from the County and City of Madison.  The city urges all citizens to exercise patience, as this process is going to take a long time.  The date for the debris removal has not been disclosed as of yet. Madison has never experienced anything like this, of this magnitude. Please move your debris as close to the curbside, or edge of the road, without impeding traffic or causing a hazard for drivers.  Please do not burn debris in the city limits, as it is unauthorized.  Furthermore, burning may leap to other piles of debris and mature vegetation that could cause a real catastrophe including home endangerment, injury or loss of life.

Jerome Wyche, City Manager
City of Madison